Anyone who is struggling with a legal issue needs to fully understand the terminology and concepts regarding the process in order to best receive the fair treatment that is deserved and guaranteed by law in all areas. Bail can sometimes be one of those terms which can be tricky to decipher especially if never dealt with before in the past. Different kinds exist, but they all amount to placing money or property up to insure that the defendant will return for the trial and other court appearances. “Bail pending appeal” is a specific type which can be available in some jurisdictions to a person who has already been found guilty.

Bail pending appeal is an offering by some courts to accept the money or property as a guarantee that a guilty defendant will return for future appeal trial dates. This type of bail is not available everywhere and can depend significantly on the state and jurisdiction in which the supposed crime occurred. If it is available then the trial court judge will usually have the most say regarding the situation and it is best to have competent legal counsel at hand in order to speak with the authority regarding this matter. Serious and violent crimes generally will not have bail pending appeal as an option in order to keep the safety of the community at large. Therefore, something like murder or assault will mean that the defendant will have to wait for an appeal while in custody.

Sometimes the length of the sentence can be a determining factor in whether bail pending appeal is available. In most states, there will be some threshold such that if the sentence is lengthy and exceeds that then there will also not be any release until an appeal occurs and then only if a reversal is made on the initial decision. It is just a matter of trying to keep the defendants in the vicinity since anyone dealing with a long prison term is likely to decide that their best option may be simply to hit the road and try to elude the authorities. Past criminal history and past court performance are some more factors that judges will generally take into consideration with the same aim of keeping the community safe and the trial legit. If bail pending appeal is available then a bail bondsman will be able to help in the same manner that he would any other time.