Alex Heidt established the Heidt Law Firm after many years of experience in negotiating and contract drafting multi-hundred million dollar deals within the federal government and commercial contracting business market. Alex has created and implemented the legal frameworks of international military base operations, the maintenance and use of satellites, rockets, aircraft, IT, and more.

Internationally experienced in corporate law, acquisitions and divestitures, contract law, employment law, and estate planning, Alex provides corporate counsel advice to all forms of corporations, partnerships, board of directors and venture capitalists.

Alex Heidt specializes in large complex contracts, negotiations, acquisitions, and divestitures. Alex Heidt has completed a number of high-profile and high-sensitivity negotiations internationally. He has been recognized by former President Bush and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for his work in reestablishing travel between the United States and Liberia. He also negotiated several time sensitive contracts with the United Nations to build UN base camps in Sudan’s Darfur region to thwart the ethnic cleansing crisis and reinstitute  peace.

Prior to establishing the Heidt Law Firm, Alex Heidt worked for several of the country’s largest defense contractors such as Orbital Sciences Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Harris Corporation, and Alion Science and Technology Corporation.  Alex Heidt has a broad and diverse background in law, finance, business development and P&L management. Alex Heidt played a significant role in the valuation, due diligence and negotiation of several of Lockheed Martin’s and Harris’s acquisitions totalling over $12 billion dollars.

Alex and the other attorneys at Heidt Law Firm are uniquely equipped in matters of corporate law due to their legal and executive P&L experience. Alex has managed P&Ls as large as $500 million of annual revenue with extremely diverse customer segments, products and services. From a business development and negotiations perspective, Alex has pursued and won multi-billion dollars worth of contracts in his tenure. As an example, while at Lockheed Martin, Alex identified, pursued, and won a multi-year billion dollar contract for the IT infrastructure of the Australian Taxation Office.  This was especially significant as Lockheed Martin did not have a presence in Australia prior to winning this contract.

Alex has negotiated several sensitive contract negotiations with the Department of Justice for several clients to overcome government initiated disbarment proceedings, as well as other government agencies seeking terminations for default, and contractual penalties.